Winbook TW700 is not turning on at all

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Re: Winbook TW700 is not turning on at all

Postby demalav » 04 Sep 2015 13:18

my win book tw700 not turning on from last night, then i opened it n unplugged battery via connector which having couple of white red n black wires, wait for 1-2 minute & connect it again but after connection my tablet is not turning on and also it does not show charging light(blue).
so tell me how can I turn it on ???
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Re: Winbook TW700 is not turning on at all

Postby sheepdog » 05 Sep 2015 14:28

Hold the power for 10 seconds (also try 30 seconds), wait a few seconds then try the power. This often powers it off completely, which is something the system doesn't usually do (even on restarts).

Once off, you can also try holding the Start button while hitting power, hold both until you see something on the screen, if you get nothing after 10 seconds, it didn't work.

Also, for those pulling the back and disconnecting the battery, be VERY careful, it is super delicate. I ripped out wires from the connector, fixed those and then ripped the connector clean off the board while reconnecting it.
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Re: Winbook TW700 is not turning on at all

Postby froby » 08 Sep 2016 09:26

Be careful, I just broke the headphone jack and screwed up the micro SD card reader using this method.

Crack from the bottom and unhinge at the top where the jacks are.

Oh well, it's working again, but no more headphones and not sure about the sd slot.

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